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By marywp

Must See: Week of 10/07

On 09, Oct 2013 | In Must See | By marywp

Things have returned to a closer state of normalcy, but as always there are plenty of the things to catch!

Wednesday, October 9, 7-9pm

Opening Reception @ BRIC for Housewarming: Notion of Home from the Center of the Universe 

BRIC inaugurates a new gallery space with a strong show of Brooklyn-based artists. The show promises to be an interesting reply to the Sculpture Center’s Better Homes of this past spring. Sounds like a good time.

Thursday, October 10, The Nearness of Objects @ Sikkema Jenkins 6-8pm 

Terry Hagerty, a leser-known British painter presents a series of new work that converse with the infamous “Op Art” works that enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame in the New York Art World in 1965 around MOMA’s Responsive Eye exhibition. Since Massimilano Gioni’s Ghosts in the Machine last year, this previously shunned group of artists has enjoyed a much needed re-evaluatio, and Hagerty’s works are an interesting contemporary contribution to the assets of optical art.

Friday, October 11, 

There Will Never Be Silence: Scoring John Cage’s 4″33 @ MOMA

Its difficult to ever say one has had enough John Cage. Referenced among almost every artist of this generation’s list of inspirations, Cage’s compositional theories broke ground for all forms and media. 4″33, Cage’s infamous silent composition was originally performed at the Maverick Concert Hall in Woodstock New York in August, 1962. The exhibition, essentially a showcase of an original score recently acquired by the museum, is well worth a look.

Friday, October 11, Llyn Foulkes @Andrea Rosen 

A postlogue to the major retrospective that recently closed at the New Museum,  Andrea Rosen presents a tightly curated show of the artist’s smaller, more hand-held art, The artist’s hand-painted postcards, copies of his more-famous compositions and constantly recycling and re-using imagery, themes and source material, its a must-see follow up on the museum show.

Saturday, October 12, 5:45-8:45

Robert Motherwell: Early Collages @ the Guggenheim 

Yes, the show has been open over a week but Saturday is pay what you wish night. I can’t think of a better way to start Saturday night than a heavy dose of high modernism at its very height. Motherwell promises to be everything we love, (and complain about) with the Guggenheim.

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