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Pseudo Empire, installation view

Pseudo Empire is a not-for-profit exhibition space and programming hub dedicated to developing conversations and concepts around emerging and mid-career artists. Based on Piero Gilardi’s “depository,” Pseudo Empire is intended as a temporary infrastructure for art and ideas. In 2010 Michelle Grabner identified the need for a place where failures and exploration can occur in a “pseudo public space.” Extending this construct into Bushwick, Pseudo Empire is a zone where artists can explore new visions without the pressures and expectations of a commercial gallery.  This mission is carried out through 10-12 exhibitions (solo and group) per year; each exhibition is accompanied by a public program and a scholarly essay contextualizing and investigating the artists’ practices. As we are always trying to advance the conversation, and challenge both artist and viewer alike to think broadly, Pseudo Empire focuses on showing new work or alternatively seeks to consider different contexts for existing work. Key to this mission is engaging the Bushwick community, not only with exhibition programming, but though an ongoing reading club. As Pseudo Empire is entirely non-for-profit and refrains from engaging in the sale of artists’ work, our success is measured less quantitatively, and is instead gauged by the responses from the community and the quality of the conversations and questions piqued by our work.



Pseudo Empire is located at 467 Troutman Street Brooklyn, NY 11237.

(entrance on Cypress)


We are open Saturday and Sunday, 11-6


For more information, or to be added to our mailing list,  contact

Pseudo Empire is entirely non-for-profit. We are fiscally sponsored through Fractured Atlas, making all donations tax deductible.


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Mary L. Coyne is Pseudo Empire’s founder a